New Life Missionaries

Vicki Parlier

     Vicki began attending New Life in 1981. After moving to Montana in 1984, she came back to Delaware three years later and quickly returned to New Life.  She volunteered in the office as support staff, helping to attend to the needs of the overseas missionaries.  After several years, Vicki was sent out as a New Life Missionary in 1991.

     Vicki serves as a Relational Representative for Faith Christian Fellowship International to the Spanish-speaking nations of the world. She has lived in Mexico for twenty years and visited many other Latin American nations.  God has gifted her as a teacher, spreading Word of Faith teachings to set the captives free.  Currently, Vicki is in the process of putting the Bible Institute of Faith (IBF) online in Spanish so that pastors and Christians can have a solid foundation laid in their lives.  The Bible Institute of Faith will consist of four levels and can be completed by the individual according to his/her own time schedule.  Vicki travels and teaches in conferences around the world.

Bob and Mary Holland

     Bob and Mary Holland connected with New Life in 1988.  At that time, Bob had already established a ministry in Jamaica and Mary was preparing to join him in overseeing New Beginnings International Training Center.   As a newly married couple, the Hollands were “adopted” by New Life and have been part of this church family ever since.

     New Beginnings (NBITC) is dedicated to training leaders of excellence and integrity and becoming a birthplace for God’s anointed in Jamaica.  In 2008 – after twenty-two years as a residential boys’ home – New Beginnings began to provide community outreach through a variety of educational programs.  For example, through their Basic School Feeding Program, approximately 40 children, ages 3 – 6, receive a hot lunch daily at two local schools. 
The present ministries at New Beginnings include the following:
1.  After-School Reading Program
2.  Summer School
3.  Mentoring Program
4.  Regular Schooling
5. Basic School Feeding Program

     The vision of New Beginnings is to become a cutting-edge, specialized Christian school for special needs students in Western Jamaica.