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Each of us has gifts we've received that will benefit others.  We believe that everyone possesses qualities that can be uniquely used to bless and assist other people in our lives. We provide opportunities for people to use their gifts and talents for God's service.

Children's Ministry

Nursery Class

Infants to five year-olds

Beginners Class

Kindergarten and 1st Grade

World Changers Class

2nd Grade through 6th Grade 

It is our joy to minister to children during Sunday morning services!

Prayer Ministry

If you need prayer, we have a Prayer Team that will pray with and for you. You can call our Church Office at (302) 999-1800 or email your prayer requests to If you have been blessed by answered prayer, we'd love to hear from you!

Youth Ministry


Middle school and high

school students ages 12-18!

See "MEETINGS" tab for more

info on gatherings.

Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions are held the first and third Wednesdays at 7:00 pm.


Healing Sessions are designed to help you receive God's healing power in your body.  At each Healing Session, Scriptures are shared that reveal God's desire to see you well and whole in every way - spirit, soul, and body.  God's Word is like medicine that will strengthen and heal.  Because prayer is such an important ingredient in the process of healing and recovery, we will pray for you. The Holy Spirit is free to do His wonderful work of healing and restoration.

Young Adults

New Renaissance

Young adults ages 18-35!

See "MEETINGS" tab for more

info on gatherings.

Life Groups

Life Groups are small group meetings that take place in homes. These gatherings offer opportunities for people to share a meal together and to enjoy a group study of Scriptural truth.  They also serve as a great place to connect with others from New Life. Another benefit you'll realize is that Life Groups are excellent venues for personal growth in the context of Christian community.


Life Group Meeting

and Contact Information:

Holland Life Group

Meets every Tuesday at 6:30 pm
Contact Bob and Frieda Holland for more info. at 302-737-7400
(summer schedule e
very other Tuesday).

Dasari's Life Group

Meets every last Friday of the month at 6:30 pm 

Contact David and Madhu Dasari for more info. at - 302-985-2015

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